DIY Christmas Presents

Nothing says I love you more at Christmas than creating your loved one your own DIY gift this Christmas. Our products aren’t just great for stocking up supplies they can also be used for DIY Christmas Presents.

DIY Christmas Presents

DIY Christmas Presents

DIY snow globes

Glass jars can be used to make your very own snow globes. Terrain snow globes are easy to make all you need is a small tree ornament which will fit into your glass jar. Also a toy animal to put within the jar. Glue both of these into an appropriate position, keeping them firm in place until dry. For the snow effect flooring simply pour in a desired amount of white glitter to give your snow globe a winter wonderland effect.

Glass Lamps

All you need to make these simple DIY Christmas presents is a glass bottle of your desired size and some Lights, these can be any colour you like and any size as long as they fit in the glass. Before putting in the lights paint your Glass Bottle with a colour of your choice. You can use websites such as Pinterest to help inspire you on how you should decorate yours. Once you have done this, place the lights in the glass lamp leaving access to switch the lights off. These will make the most perfect bedside lamp.

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You can shop our range of glass jars and bottles to help create your very own DIY gifts for Christmas. If you have a question about our products please contact us.