Glass Jam Jars

It is the end of November and it’s the time people start their Christmas shopping. If you are someone who loves to give your loved one homemade gifts then we have the perfect gift idea for you.

Glass jam jar hampers. Whether you are a seller of jam or just looking for the perfect DIY gift for Christmas, our glass jars are the perfect option for you. You can save money through creating your own gift and also impress people with your skill. Our jars come in a range of sizes and shapes so you can find the perfect glass jam jar style for your christmas presents. You can even buy 28ml jam jars for if you want to give out samples to your family and friends before you buy full jars to give out for Christmas. We also have jam jars as big as 500ml.

Once you have the perfect jar you can then create beautiful hampers. You can fill these with your homemade jam with perfect winter flavours such as cranberry jam and pear jam. These are then great to pair with a mix of savoury snacks and drink in your hamper.  You will be able to wow your customers or family member with your high quality hampers by decorating them in various ways. Put a personal touch on Christmas this year.

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Glass Jam Jar

Celebrate Christmas With Our Glass Jam Jar