PET Bottle Myth

Why is PET bottle the best?

The benefits of using PET bottles are plentiful to both the consumer and manufacturer. They are one of the most popular choices when it comes to soft drink bottles.

For manufacturers the PET bottles are cost effective to manufacture and cost less energy to transport. This means that we can bring you the best priced PET bottles. We can also bring them to you in different shapes and sizes because of their ability to be moulded easily.

So what is the myth that has everyone unnecessarily worried?

The main myth we hear about is that plastic bottles can become harmful after first use. If you clean your bottles between personal use then you will not have to worry about getting ill off the back of reusing bottles. Once any drinking container has been used it will become susceptible to bacteria so it is about keeping the container clean. The plastic used in your bottles are extremely sanitary materials.

Many people believed it was the plastic which made people ill however it was the fact that bottles will not of been cleaned well enough. You should treat washing your plastic bottle like washing your plates and cutlery. You wouldn’t use them again without washing them first after they have been used. So get washing your plastic bottles!

If you’re thinking of buying plastic bottles for your company you can rest assured that you will be selling only the finest products with help from Patricoshop.