Stock up for the winter rush

Plastic bottles

Plastic bottles

For Many people November is a build up to Bonfire night. However for those who run businesses it is time they start looking toward getting in their Christmas stock of plastic bottles.

Many people will finding themselves wanting to get stocked up before the mad christmas shopping rush in December. There is one noticeable craze that we have picked up on over the years. With shops like Lush growing in number and size every year is it any surprise that more people have decided to follow by example and start their own organic beauty products company. This ranges from shampoo’s and conditioners to bath oils.

We believe that if you want your customers to have only the best beauty products then why should you settle for any less on your packaging?

Our plastic bottles are the high quality which your customers will expect to see. Best of all our plastic bottles are free from branding so you can personalise your bottles with your own logo and brand.

Our bottles are made from natural HPDE so they are safe to even store food in. If you are in the food business and you’re expecting a mad christmas rush these will be perfect for storing such foods as milk, condiments and other various food.

We can provide bottles from 50ml to to 1Ltr which have a variety of closures, sprays and pumps available. View our range to see our varied selection. If you have a question for us about one of our products then please do not hesitate to contact us.