Nikes imaginative way to recycle bottles

Each year we see more and more big names pushing their companies to become more environmentally friendly. Just to name a few SKY have initiated Ocean Rescue in an aim to educate and inspire people to help protect our oceans from plastic waste. Other companies such as Nestlé are pushing for PET bottles specifically to be recycled by raising awareness. However, there is one brand that really caught our attention last year.

As you know from our previous blog there are many ways to recycle bottles but Nike has proven that they can come up with an imaginative way to recycle. In 2016 Nike made the third kit of the season for Barcelona to make a statement on being environmentally proactive.  The kit is just not your normal run of the mill clothing. The kit which sports a blue and mint colour scheme was made with recycled bottles. This is a part of Nike’s commitment to sustainability.

The 16/17 kit is made by recycled polyester fabric which is made by melting plastic bottles down to produce a fine yarn. To create the new kit it takes 16 bottles. This shows that every bottle can be used after it has been thrown away. By using the recycled bottles they have a lower environmental impact.

Since 2010 Nike has transformed three billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester. With the amount that they have recycled, they can cover roughly 5,200 football pitches with the polyester made.

They call this process that they use ‘Aeroswift Technology’ they claim that this process can help to make the kits lighter, stretchier and help air out sweat quicker. This is proof that recycling is becoming a more diverse industry.

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